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    HH Shaikh Nasser launches King Hamad International Award for Invention

    London, Oct25(BNA) His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, His Majesty the King's Personal Representative for Charity Work and Youth Affairs, Supreme Council for Youth and Sport Chairman and Bahrain Olympic Committee President, has announced the launch of HM King Hamad International Award for Invention.

    The award is in recognition of the prominent role that HM the King has in supporting inventors and inventions and motivating inventors and innovators to carry on with their creative work in the service of humankind.

    HH Shaikh Nasser said that HM the King was a great supporter of scientific work and inventions at the international level, stressing that his support was clear and evident in his directives to sponsor the British Inventions Show.

    HH Shaikh Nasser added that the award would the first of its kind in terms of content and noble objectives and that it would be a great stimulus for inventors to continue their scientific work.

    The award that will enable direct communication between international science institutions to learn about inventions and support inventors will have an executive structure. The award will made of pure gold.

    HH Shaikh Nasser made the breakthrough announcement at the ceremony to honour the participants in the British Inventions Show held in London. More than 170 participants from various countries across the continents this year took part in the Show.

    HH Shaikh Nasser also announced "the birth of the world's first Embassy of Invention in the Kingdom of Bahrain to support inventors and encourage them on their journey of discovery."

    At the glittering ceremony in the British capital, HH Shaikh Nasser was honoured as an innovation leader, in a high-profile appreciation of his role in supporting inventors from all over the world and of his contributions to the success of the Show.

    International figures and Bahrain's Ambassador to the United Kingdom were among the guests who attended the ceremony. In his speech, HH Shaikh Nasser thanked Kane Kramer "for this great initiative and congratulated the British Inventors Society for the excellent work that it has done throughout the years." "I would like also to congratulate the British Invention Show on its fourteenth anniversary. This initiative honors creativity and imagination by providing an invaluable launching pad for the great ideas of today, and making possible for them to become the great inventions of tomorrow, for an invention is only as valuable as its usefulness and availability. It is initiatives like these that drive the world forward and make the impossible possible," he said. "In a world that seeks to shine the brightest line on what divides us, be it borders or ideologies, it is important to look towards what unites us as human beings. I continue to have hope for a better future for our children and ourselves, in a world where we celebrate the power of a great idea and the potential of a creative mind. "In this spirit, it is my honor to announce the birth of the world's first Embassy of Invention in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in partnership with the British Inventors Society. This milestone stems from His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's goal to make the Kingdom of Bahrain the cradle of global innovation where exciting ideas can be encouraged and seen to fruition in an institution that supports creativity and exploits human potential. "This Embassy will seek to create an environment of innovation by becoming a hub where inventors and innovators can come together and develop their ideas. Additionally, this institution will concentrate on supporting the youth and encouraging them on their journey of discovery. Inventors will have access to specialist support, from designing to prototyping, commercial appraisal and investment, to name a few. The aim is to encourage a culture of innovation in the Kingdom of Bahrain that will serve as a global blueprint for years to come. "Passion, creativity and innovation pave the way for possibilities. Thomas Edison once said: 'If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' "When Graham Bell – an inventor to whom we attribute communication - demonstrated the telephone, his invention, former US President Hayes reportedly said: 'It's a great invention, but who would want to use one?' Well, we all know the answer to that question," Shaikh Nasser said.

    Winners congratulated

    HH Shaikh Nasser congratulated the award winners, stressing the importance of their inventions they had displayed at the Show.

    Everyone is a winner at the Show and there are no losers, particularly after the display of the inventions that were really special and covered various fields, he said. HH Shaikh Nasser added that HM King Hamad's keenness on the Show activities reflected his interest in inventions and innovations and his full support to scientists and inventors. The massive presence of inventors from various countries and their smart presentation of their inventions at the Show organized by the Nasser bin Hamad Foundation were a reflection of its importance, he said. They also reflected Bahrain's strong support to inventors and innovators from all over the world and its interest in providing an adequate environment to develop and enhance their inventions. HH Shaikh Nasser said that the Show featured numerous distinguished inventions that changed smart ideas and concepts into practical solutions and products. The level of participation this year was outstanding and enabled the Show to achieve its goals and to take investors and companies to inventors and thus create a common ground for cooperation between all parties, he said. HH Shaikh Nasser paid special tribute to the inventions presented by Bahraini inventor Amina Al Hawaj who succeeded in attracting the attention and interest of the visitors and of international institutions and companies. "The participation of Amina Al Hawaj in this year's Show offers the world a shining example of the support provided by Bahrain, particularly HM King Hamad, to inventors and the country's keen interest in setting up the best environment to help innovators and inventors to materialize their exciting ideas and carry on with their work. It also consolidates Bahrain's status among the world countries that support science, creativity and inventions," he said. "Bahrain will remain firmly committed to supporting inventors and innovators as principal players in the progress of the mankind thanks to their great inventions and bright ideas that help make the world more developed and advanced in various areas," HH Shaikh Nasser said.